Publishing Ethics & Submission

Publishing Ethics 
Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses follows policy elements related to  COPE : guidelines on manuscript preparation,  research data, text and findings, copyright, article distribution, open access licenses, permission.The manuscript submitted for evaluation (text, figures, etc.) remains in the property of the Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses, according to the copyrights laws.  Each manuscript undergoes a preliminary screening by the Editorial team to confirm the approval  for the double blind peer reviewed. The aim of the peer reviewing process of any manuscript is targeted to reflect the quality of work of the author and the institutions that support them. Reviewers  must announce the editors about any conflicts of interest that could bias their judgement of the manuscript, retreating themselves from reviewing process. A manuscript may be label any one of the following recommendations: approved as submitted; approved with minor corrections; approved with major corrections, and rejected. If the article is rejected, the property right of all materials goes back to the authors. 

Ethics of publication
Authorship of the paper. Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses understands that authorship  implies responsibility for published work of contributors who have  significant intellectual inputs to the paper (the conception of the work; the acquisition, analysis/ interpretation of data in the paper; editing the work or revising its intellectual content; approval of the final version to be published).  
Originality and plagiarism. The authors must ensure that they have produced and written an entirely original paper in line with the standard procedure in research.  The journal  encourages original research, accurately  performed, and rejects the repeated or redundant work publication.  To avoid any misunderstanding,  the authors must  notice  the financial support (if the case), the permission to use data collection, documents, photos etc., and the nonexistence of any conflict of interest regard these, in the “Acknowledgment” section. Also, in the “References”,  the authors must mention all  works and/or words of others, cited or quoted in the text, following the suggestions from guidelines on manuscript preparation.


Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses invites the authors to submit for publication a work  neither sent for publication to another journal, or which has already been published, and to complete and signed the  Letter of Declaration and the Copyright Agreement. The manuscript submission to several journals in the same time is not permitted.  To prevent plagiarism the journal uses the University of Bucharest anti-plagiarism system: Manuscripts with any type of plagiarism will be automatically rejected and the authors will lose the right to future submit and publish in the Journal of Environmental and Tourism Analyses. 

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